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Fast forward to the 8 Towns era: Andy Hoyle in his early role as Head of News (1989-91), compiling bulletins on the infamous

Newsroom 'Ledge'... a precarious place for anyone over 5ft tall! Andy went on to be a versatile presenter of  music, request and magazine shows and was one of the creative team who produced the 8 Towns comedy show Sunday Express


News-hounds in the early days of Heartbeat Radio (1983-84):                                 Vinay Adatia and Mike Wallbank.

The weekly news round-up was a regular feature from the launch of Heartbeat Radio and through most of the 8 Towns era. Fast forward to now, listeners across the borough on 103.6FM and online at tamesideradio.com can hear Mike looking back through the archives every Sunday afternoon (1pm-3pm).


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