celebrating our fifth birthday...

one of our most successful 24 hour broadcasts, generating funds and

raising the station's profile

within the hospital and the Tameside community.

From left: Tim Fernley, Vici Yates,

Celeste Jordan, Phil Hurst and

Bob Chanin.

Photo:Tameside Advertiser.

MAYOR of Tameside, Cllr Katherine Shaw, Radiothon guest of honour in 1989, meets managing director Geoff Heath and Roadshow / Outside Broadcast Manager Mick Ryan.

began in 1985 as a 24-hour sponsored broadcast... and from there, it evolved into an annual fundraising weekend... Finally in 1992 and '93, Radiothon was at the heart of our pioneering community broadcasts across Tameside


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8 Towns Radio

Mayoral visit Pav & AH

PARTY TIME ... Radiothon buffet supremo Vici Yates (now Lascom) reflects on another

successful event with Tim Fernley, Mick, Karen and Joan Ryan

SPORT presenter Mike Pav - renowned for his reports on local non-league football - raises a celebratory glass with young Andy  Hoyle at a Radiothon 'bash' in 1990... or was it 1991?!

Rthon 88 cake