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Bob Chanin built a studio... and so did Marc  Farr! *


* To the tune 'John Ketley Is A Weatherman'


A LONG-TERM ambition (you can say that again!!!) was finally realised in 1993 with the completion of Studio 2.  Many volunteers helped in many ways, but only Bob and Marc had a song written about them!

with apologies to Phil Collins...

TENTH birthday  celebrations, October 1993... Mel King demonstrates the latest CD player to be installed in Studio 1 with, from left, Marc Farr, Andy Collier and Martyn Heelam. Photo by Barry Schofield.


FRONT PAGE photo from the 8 Towns Magazine '86. Sue Walklate from the news team is on the right, but who is in the hot seat, spinning the platters that matter?

First name: Pete (we think) - but can anyone supply a surname?

Don't be alarmed! It's only a radio show...

A wake-up call for Tim Fernley and Dave Hoad in 1986

8 Towns Radio