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Variety of talents

READY to host another fun-packed

8 Towns Roadshow... Allan Garner, who hosted the Back In Time oldies show and northern soul / Motown fanatic Pete Meadows, one of our original line-up of presenters in 1983 

PHIL WELCH (above)...

striking a thoughtful

pose as he seeks

out those 'really wicked'

tunes for another

Party Time show

Let's go to the phones!


Happy Listening!

A Graham Hart original cartoon sketch created for the 8 Towns programme guide, given out to patients on the wards.

KEVIN CONWAY: Stalwart presenter-producer of Country Roads, a weekly show playing country music old and new  and patients' requests.

Graham or Noel... it seemed a fair 'Swap' but perhaps now the question should be :

"Deal or No Deal?"

8 Towns Radio